Totally amazing, Pam saved my marriage and family, highly recommend

Alariah Meno

Pam is Amazing, couldn't recommend her more, been to other counsellors in Mandurah and there is no comparison

Jay Heighway

I used Pam's counselling services for the first time today and cannot recommend her enough. From the very first minute I felt relaxed and able to talk. Pam's counselling opened my eyes to a number of areas of my past that have impacted my present. I am looking forward to further counselling sessions.

Brian McKay

Have been seeing Pam on and off for over a year for complex childhood trauma. Allowing me to move at my own pace...slow. Very patient, encouraging, understanding, very ‘down to earth’ and gives immediate feedback as you go along. In sixty years I’ve never opened up about some of my issues with anyone, so it says something that I feel comfortable enough to talk to Pam. Would not have come this far with anyone else, don’t know where I’d be without her. Thank you sincerely Pam.

Sylvia Gerritsen

Pam has been an absolute angel. Classic fixer with common sense. I never believed in counselling at all. We connected. and I felt at ease. She made me realise so much about myself and how to fix the problems I was searching answers for. Cleared the confusion and I got myself back. Finding the right therapist is like finding the right partner, it's hard and a long journey, but the right one comes along and adds so much more joy and value.

Bree Dass

Pam instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. I loved her direct approach providing advice and guidance along the way. Came away feeling refreshed and with renewed energy.

Emma Eldred

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