Welcome To Pam Bell Counselling

I'm a Counsellor and Therapist from Mandurah offering Emotional Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Family Counselling and F.I.F.O Counselling.

"Many of us have felt many of these emotional issues: Inner pain, lost, helpless, useless, powerless…. struggling to understand those around you and life in general. Feeling like the worst person in the world, not right, wanting more happiness in life…..Being uncomfortable with certain people, because you couldn’t say what you wanted to say, or be who you wanted to be without being dishonest to yourself. Feeling like you are walking on egg shells, unhappy in relationships……failure to understand family members….. Wondering why your mother did not like you, wondering why you couldn’t talk to your Dad, wanting to learn better ways to do things….holding too much inside……not enjoying other peoples' company…..Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and always yelling…….feeling guilty….panic attacks…..anxiety……".

I'm Pam Bell, I understand, and I'm here to help.


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