Individual Counselling

To be heard and validated in a non judgemental empathic manner and to realise that emotional you may just be feeling like everyone else. Emotional counselling assists individuals in understanding that we cannot change another person we have to do the healing ourselves. With emotional counselling one may start understanding ourselves for the very first time. Individuals many struggle with inner pain because in their eyes or the eyes of others they are not managing problem situations in a healthy manner.

Psychologists Mandurah

Difficult situations arise in ourselves and the way we interact with others. Then those problems often cause emotional turmoil with no clear cut solutions. People can live with these situations for years not knowing what is wrong with them or those surrounding them. Indeed many people sometimes only need to change their environment, resulting in a happier individual who then is able to move through their life in a purposeful manner.

Psychological Services Mandurah with Pam Bell

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Low Self Esteem



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