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Hi, I'm Pam Bell,

Please keep checking back on my blog to see and read all things that are developing in the world of counselling and therapy in Mandurah and the surrounding areas.

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  1. Jennifer

    Pam Bell has helped me tackle anxiety , improved my relationships and provided me with Career Coaching Pam is professional, eloquent, and non-judgmental. I sought out therapy primarily to help tackle my anxiety and to find someone who can help me understand my thought processes in a more coherent way. I suffer daily from anxiety and my negative thought processes were holding me back a great deal in my relationships with others and above all, myself. Pam has educated me on the impact anxiety has on your body, where it comes from, the scientific understanding of it and techniques to help manage it. This I believe was crucial to my healing. Once I had physical control over my anxiety, we were then able to delve deeper into the triggers. Pam has helped me understand things about myself that I would have never been able to achieve alone. Her knowledge and experience coupled with her kindness, compassion and understanding is what makes her a truly amazing support person. My sessions with Pam have allowed me know myself in a much more clear and coherent way. I understand where my triggers lie when it comes to my anxiety and how to manage them. My relationships, including professional relationships are stronger and I have, with Pams help, managed to set my own boundaries and stick to them. During my time with Pam, I never felt that I was holding anything back and that is rare. I saw 3 different therapists before this, none of which really understood and helped me articulate my thoughts like Pam did, this I believe comes from her years of experience and naturally calm and caring demeanour. I couldn?t recommend Pam enough to anyone suffering from any form of anxiety, depression, family/relationship conflicts or career coaching. Her rationality, compassion, empathic support and sheer understanding of the way our minds work is a rare find and I believe anyone can benefit from this. Jennifer ??

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  2. A Stewart

    Pam had a gentle but direct approach to when it came to exploring the dynamic in our relationship and the issues that we needed to deal with. Pam is genuine, professional and articulates herself well; but can break the psychology down into laymen's terms so it's easy to understand. We are able to apply what we learn with Pam to our relationship on a daily basis so we can grow as a couple and be happier together. Thank you Pam.

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  3. J Heighway

    Pam helped us more in our first session than we ever expected, can't what to see what the next session brings

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  4. J L Stevens

    Pam provides a great service.

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  5. Tonya Jones

    An excellent service.

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