Couple Counselling (Relationship)

relationship and marriage counsellingFeeling unhappy in your relationship, difficult to laugh together, don’t look at each other when you talk. Sometimes it looks like it is not bad enough to leave, but not good enough to stay. Many couples appear to get “stuck” in their relationship, they many feel uncomfortable and unhappy but don’t know what to do because they are constantly blaming each other thus believing it is the “others” fault. With couple counselling it is quite common to hear couples say that they believe both have been heard by each other for the first time.

Couple counselling demonstrates to the couple that they may be unhappy because they seem to be on different teams and for this reason they are working against one another. With couple therapy the counsellor’s main focus is to get the couple to understand each other better, deal with the issue that is presenting the main problem and teach the couple how to express themselves appropriately to one another.

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